NURSING COLLEGE, BP Koirala Memorial Cancer Hospital

Established 2075 B.S.

Message from Program Co-ordinator

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Prevention is better than cure. Large numbers of nurses are required to achieve the mission of healthy people of Nepal. BP Koirala Memorial Cancer Hospital Nursing College was established to fulfill the nation’s healthy future as the nurses can work in the preventive, pro-motive and curative setting. Our goal at BP Koirala Memorial Cancer Hospital Nursing College is to provide an educational environment that is nurturing and that will adequately prepare students for the challenges they will face after graduation in the work place or continue to pursue higher education.  There are many educational opportunities here and we hope that students will take full advantage of those opportunities in order to complete their post-graduation requirements. Teaching and learning are major activities of the college. But teaching without learning it’s of no use “Learning is the experience, which is capable of modifying the behavior of students in permanent way”- Definition given by Gandhi Ji. We also believe on the same. So based on the above definition our all academic activities are based on the learning oriented which place the student’s role in fore front student first philosophy.

Unique features of the Teaching/ learning methods

• Initiation of problem based learning.
• Compulsory use of the original books for the references.
• For the basic science practicum students must use the practical book (for all subjects).
• Log books are prepared for structured and objective learning in clinical practicum.
• English environment is promoted. After completion of BNS course, our students will be able to use both English and Neapli language for speaking and writing whenever and wherever necessary.

Unique features of the College

• This college is the product of Innovative initiation of both Pokhara University and BP Koirala Memorial Cancer Hospital.
• Nonprofit making organization.
• College is located in the center of beautiful botanical as well ornamental garden.
• Ownwell-equipped 450 bedded hospital along with super specialty oncology services.
• Play ground with sports materials.
• Well-equipped skill labs.
• Experienced faculty members for both nursing and basic science.
• Extracurricular activities.
• Computer class with internet facility.

As a program coordinator, I urge my students to:

• Imagine with their entire mind.
• Believe with all their heart and
• Achieve with all their might.
• And DREAM of becoming the future flag bearers of BP Koirala Memorial Cancer Hospital, Nursing College.

Sarojini Sharma
Program Co-coordinator
BPKMCH Nursing College