• 1. Screening for ovarian cancer: Evidences review article

  • 2. Low rectal resection without a diverting stoma original article

    3. Operation on a wrong person: Lets Make it “NEVER EVENT” Short Communication

    4. The Molecular Mechanisms of Human Osteosarcoma Cell Apoptosis Induced by Arsenic Trioxide and Vincristine Original Article

    5. Salvage robot-assisted radical prostatectomy (sRARP) for radiation resistant prostate cancer in a group of initially high risk patients Original Article

    6. Intubating Conditions with three different doses of Rocuronium in surgery of cancer patientsinitially high risk patients Original Article

    7. Treatment of Advanced Rectal Cancers: Cylindrical abdominoperineal excision of rectum Original Article

    8. F-FDG-PET/CT for Evaluation of treatment response in high grade lymphoma Original Article

    9. Community Screening of Prostate Cancer in Eastern Nepal Original Article

    10. Primary Pancreatic Lymphoma: a rare entity in pancreatic mass Case Report

    11. Liver metastasis seen in whole body I-131 Scintigraphy of post operated Patient with well differentiated papillary carcinoma Case Report

    12. Melanoma of Urinary Bladder presented as acute urine retention. papillary carcinoma Case Report

    13. Anesthetic challenge in removing foreign body mimickingcancer in bronchus from a child Case Report

    14. Paraproteinemia associated Peripheral Neuropathy Case Report

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