Dr. Bijaya Chandra Acharya, Director

Hello and Namaskar!

Since it formalization in 1992 AD, the history implies that B. P. Koirala Memorial Cancer Hospital
has been the pioneer institution in the prevention, diagnosis and cure of Cancer. But as the saying
goes, “What good is history for if not recreating it?” We, at BPKMCH, believe that service to mankind
is service to god. Therefore, we have embarked on this epic journey to conquer CANCER. Having
said that, it is improbable to be complete lone wolf in this mission. In this regard, I am extremely
humbled to share to you that we have been gratifed by some of the best donors of this time.


Dr. Nirmal Lamichhane, Deputy Director

Here at BPKMCH, we aim to be the leaders of the region in cancer care and treatment. We
are making advances not only in the treatment of cancer, but also the prevention of it. For
those who have cancer, we apply this knowledge to deliver more targeted cancer treatments.
For those at high risk of developing cancer, we use this knowledge to deliver better screening
and early detection strategies to defeat cancer before it even starts.

Dr. Shivaji Poudel, Academic Co ordinator

In 2017, we dedicated a major expansion of the cancer hospital, moving forward in our
commitement. With the newly expanded cancer hospital, we will provide more clinical care
treatments to patients each year, including clinic visits, chemotherapy infusions, surgeries,
and radiation therapy.
We remain ever committed to expanding on this promise of bringing healing and hope to
all who are impacted by cancer. It is extraordinary to consider what we have accomplished
together, and this is only the beginning.