Library Service

The Library has 95% resources / collection Particularly in the field of medical among them 90% on cancer related , 5% general medicine, 5% non medical . Available  on cancer references are  Pediatric Oncology , Radiotherapy ,Cancer Pain , Cancer Medicine , Neuro Oncology , Diagnosis and Imaging , Pathology, Head and Neck Cancer , Oncology Nursing , Surgical Oncology , Palliative Medicine , Chemotherapy , Radiation Oncology , Hospice Information , Orthopedic Oncology , Preventive medicine , Physiotherapy , Gynecologic Oncology,  Dietary &other Subject  in the text form and  digital form or Electronic form . These reference resources  on cancer help doctors, Nurses and other health professionals to update their knowledge and apply them in daily  practice                            

Modes of acquisition of Library  resources

Library staff daily retrive / search the / new edition /updates  resources  from internet when gets  new edn then become it goes to  purchase  in each academic year .

Library collect the donation / gifts information and reading materials on cancer from different International organizations ie  World Health Organizations (WHO) , American cancer Society (ACS), Leukaemia foundation , Asia Foundation Nepal ,  Cancer aid & Research foundation India, Oncology Nursing Society (ONS), National hospice & Palliative Care Organization (NHPCO), King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Center , International Network for Cancer Treatment Research ( INCTR), European Association for Cancer Research (EACR) ,UICC , ASCO , NIC and   form nationally : Ministry of Health , Health institution , Tribhuban University and other , Hospital staffs , students , and Teachers have regularly provided their publications on cancer and  other fields .

Membership of Societies/Organization

BPKMCH Library has taken membership of different organization to receive certain cancer related information free of  change as a member or at a cost lower than usual rates . WHO HINARY database  has provided 8,500 titles Journal and  7000 e-books on cancer  in digital form similarly Biomedical Central, UICC has provided 150 topics cancer related information in electronic / digital form .

Educational Activities
Various Academic Institutes sent their Students , teacher and researchers for the study and practice on cancer
Name of the college

• Kathmandu Medical College Sinamangal , Kathmandu
• Birendra Multipal Campus, Bharatpur
• BPKIHS Dharan
• Kathmandu model Hospital School of Nursing , Kathmandu
• Women Prasuti Griha , the metenity hospital thapathali , Kathmandu
• Holi vision HSS , KTM
• Chitwan School of Medical Sciences , chitwan
• Herman Geminer Higher Secondary School Bharatpur
• Faculty of Science and Technology Pokhera University
• TU IOM Maharanjunj Nursing Sciences Bir Hospital , KTM
• Janaki Medical College Janakpur
• National Academy of Medical Sciences Bir Hospital , KTM
• Sanjeevani Nursing College , Butwal
• Kathmandu University School of Medical Sciences , Dhulikhel
• School of Health Science , Bharatpur
• Narayani Samudayik Hospital , bharatpur
• Nobel College , Kathmandu
• Lumbini Medical College
• Sheer Memorial College
• Chitwan Health Foundation Nursing College
• Padma Kanya Multipal Campus , Kathmandu
Facilities Available at BPKMCHL
• Library User Orientation
• Information about Medline, pub med search, HINIRY through   internet.
• Photocopy Services
• Scanning Services
• Printed reading materials in open access system.
• Audio- vedio facility for teaching learning.

Contact PersonNutan Dhungana
Sr. Librarian