Bachelor of Nursing Sciences (BNS) is a three-year program. A student needs to complete 4175 hours (equivalent to 174 credit hours) of course work, and practical graduation. Besides lectures, the classes are facilitated by case studies, group discussions, and practical assignment.

The medium of instruction and examination for this program will be English.

Entry Requirements (Eligibility Criteria)

The entry requirement for new student in Bachelor of Nursing Sciences will Proficiency Certificate Level in Nursing with at least 50% marks in aggregate with minimum 1 year of work experience. In addition, the student must pass the entrance test conducted by University.

Courses Offer

First Year

  • BSC 121 Basic Science I
  • BSC 122 Basic Science II
  • BSC 123 Basic Science
  • NCT 114 Nursing Concepts and Principles
  • AHN 115 Adult Health Nursing
  • CHN 116 Community Health Nursing
  • MSO 147 Health Sociology and Psychology
  • ENG 148 English
  • COM 149 Computer Science

Second Year

  • GNR 211 Gerontology Nursing
  • PSY 212 Psychiatric Nursing
  • ONC 213 Oncology Nursing
  • OBG 214 Obstetrical and Gynaecological Nursing
  • PED 215 Child Health Nursing
  • EDS 236 Education Science

Third Year

  • ONC 313 Oncology Nursing
  • REM 334 Research and Biostatistics
  • LNM 335 Leadership and Managment